Forever Family (Take One!)

I met this precious family when their oldest was around 9 months. They had just brought him home and I had the honor of capturing their first professional portraits as a family of 3.

Since then, I’ve been there through out the years, when they added their second son, pictures with extended family, etc. It’s been so much fun to watch their family grow and change.

This couple has always had a huge heart to grow their family, so when they adopted their daughters, their friends send me a message. They wanted to purchase a gift certificate so that I could capture their first professional portraits of their forever family, their family of 6!

We thought we had picked a good weekend…. but well, this is Texas and the weather changes in the blink of an eye. So, instead of warming up a bit and the sun peaking out, it was overcast and chilly! Which is not ideal when working with kids, am I right? lol. So, this is “Take One”. We will be shooting “Take Two” in a month or so, in the sunshine! :). Still, I love these images and the personalities of these babies!! <3